Why Kase?

Our Cases are hand inspected from Edge to edge. Perfect protection from scratches, everyday wear and tear and light drops

We make top-notch, World Thinnest Phone Case that will brighten your day but won’t break the bank.

We’ll be the barrier between your phone and that scratch. That scrape. That bump. We’re here to catch your fall. And we want to do it in style.

Precision Of Kase

Accurate cut-outs, wrapped tightly all around with just 0.35mm thickness

Keep your phone protected from bumps and scratches and looking slim and perrrdy.

We've been making Ultra Thin cases since 2016 and we are the very first Australian company to create a super-thin, minimalist cases.

No Bulk!

Why sacrifice the original looks of your phone with Ugly Bulky Cases.

Our Original Kase is the best on the market.

Why wrap your shiny new phone in something that doesn’t do it justice?

Keep it clean. Keep it safe. Keep it looking goooood. Go original.

Promise of Kase

We might be the new kids on the block but we do things very well. More care. More craft. More fun. More vibes.

Kase has represented the highest standards in customer service and quality mobile cases.


Quality protection for your phone shouldn't come at a hefty price. Our products tick all the boxes and still come in at a great low price.