Go Original iPhone 7

Look out. Black’s about. Heads will turn when this matte finish case comes around.

Think snow storm. Blizzard. White out. This matte case is the whiteness.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing. This semi-transparent case is dark enough while letting the real phone show through.

What am I? Glass?! See right through me like Patrick Swayze in Ghost. This semi-transparent super thin matte case let’s your phone shine.

Rose are normally red. But this one’s more of a matte rose gold.

Ima let you finish but this case is the bizniz. All that glitters… This gold number brings the bling to your thing.

The smooth, matte polypropylene finish gives great grip and is super sensible. This navy blue case is all class.

Got any blacker? Black on black on black. With a dash of black. Gloss black finish. So much mystery.

It's a nice day for a white wedding (or phone case). Shiny shiny gloss white finishes all round here.


Kase of precision

0.35mm World Thinnest Case. Accurate cut-outs, wraps tightly all around.

Difference of Kase

Edge to edge hand inspected. Perfect protection from scratches, everyday wear and tear and light drops.

Colours of Kase

The magic of colours unfolds through our cases. We believe in bringing colours to your life